Drew Brees opened up to reporters on the injury that kept him out of the second half of the Saints win over the San Francisco 49ers.

Brees clearly took a huge hit before the end of the second half and told reporters he pulled himself from the game after realizing he wouldn't be effective.

Drew said he really couldn't pinpoint the injury other than it was going to prevent him from doing his job.

He also added that his injury isn't just limited to his ribs or his back, as we were aware he has been playing through other injuries throughout the season.

It's clear that Drew is in some serious pain after taking that massive hit, but how long will it affect him? Also, is Jameis Winston ready to step up if he can't go against the Falcons next week? How does this play out for the Saints and their playoff hopes if Brees has to go down for multiple games?

It seems like right now, we have more questions than answers, so we'll just have to follow this closely to see how significant the injury is and what it means for the Saints moving forward. But based on what I'm hearing from reporters that have been covering Brees for 15 years, it's not looking too good.

But it's Drew Brees, so let's not count him out.

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