You've seen the #10YearChallenge photos all over your timeline, but how has father time treated our franchise quarterback?

Drew Brees turns 40 today, and it seems like he's only getting better with age. But how does Drew look now compared to the quarterback we signed back in 2006? The Advocate did the digging and pulled up photos of The G.O.A.T. year by year and I must say, father time and fatherhood has been pretty kind to Drew.

Here is Drew in 2006.

Lee Celano/NFLPhotoLibrary for PMK/HBH, Getty Images

Here is Drew 10 years ago in 2009.

Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images

Here is Drew this past Sunday at the Dome.

Chris Graythen, Getty Images

What do you think? Check out all the photos from The Advocate and celebrate this 'Drewsday' by joining us to wish Drew a Happy Birthday.