When Drew and Brittany Brees first moved to New Orleans, obviously there was quite a bit of history and many local traditions they needed to learn. Drew's neighbor at the time was savvy enough to use the tradition of eating red beans and rice on Mondays as a way to meet the new quarterback for the Saints. Little did they know that would turn into a tradition that would continue for years to come.

When Steve and Kathy Price learned that Drew Brees was going to be their new neighbor, they clearly got excited and starting thinking of what would be the right way to meet him.

In Louisiana, the answer to most questions is always food.

The Prices tell wgno.com that Drew "kept coming down with his little boy, in front of our house, with the bike, trying to teach him how to ride a bike.”

Eventually they approached Brees while he was in front of their house and invited the Brees family over for dinner. While talking about dinner, the Prices explained the New Orleans tradition of eating red beans and rice on Mondays.

At that point, the date was set for Brees and family to come over on a Monday for red beans and rice.

This would become a regular Monday thing for years to come.

From wgno.com -

"Brees became so accustomed to having red beans on Mondays with the Prices that when he was away, he missed the meals and the friendship. Kathy decided to tell the Brees family her red beans recipe — which she was sworn to secrecy to get years earlier from a family friend.

Now the Price family says that Brees pours as much attention to detail into perfecting his own red beans as he did preparing for football games."

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