Drew Brees wants to play football in 2020, but he has demanded that the NFL get a plan together when it comes to player safety.

New Orleans Saints Quarterback sent out a Tweet this weekend, and like you and me, he too wants to see NFL football in 2020. However, there is a catch.

Brees mentioned in his message, which you can see below, that the NFL must come up with a plan to protect its players from the Coronavirus. And if they don't, Brees says there will be no football in 2020.

Perhaps he is hoping that the NFL do what the NBA has done with players and team personnel, isolate them.

Yes, the NBA has put all of its teams in one city and they are now in the "bubble," but it has allowed for games to be played.

Will the NFL come up with a plan? I'd venture to say that they have a plan in place for the 2020 season and we will know more about it in the days/weeks ahead.

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