Was there a better way for Drew Brees to officially announce he's calling it a career?

It was 15 years ago to the day that Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints formed a relationship that would not only bring back a team but an entire city and Gulf Coast region. At the moment, no one could fathom the impact he would have on the suffering franchise.

Today, in a very special video announcement from all four of his children, Drew Brees officially announced his retirement from the NFL.

During his time with the New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees would bring a winning culture to New Orleans with the pinnacle being the team's first-ever Super Bowl championship title.

There were many highs, some lows, but ultimately an incredible run that sees him stepping away as the game's all-time leader in passing yards, completions, completion percentage, and a close second (571) to Tom Brady in touchdown passes.

Basically, they're already prepping the future Hall of Famer's spot in Canton as we speak.

Although his kids were featured in the video announcement, Drew said his goodbyes in a heartfelt caption that ended by saying he was "only retiring from playing football, not retiring from New Orleans," and that his "real life's work" was only beginning.

Each day, I poured my heart & soul into being your Quarterback. Til the very end, I exhausted myself to give everything I had to the Saints organization, my team, and the great city of New Orleans.

Over the next few days, we will certainly see numerous reactions, tributes, tweets, and statements on Drew's incredible 20-year career as we dig deep to find the proper words to describe this moment, but for now, we simply say "thank you, Drew."

Thank you. For everything.

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