Law enforcement continues to get bashed in the media. That is difficult for me to write because I am part of that media. However, while we have a duty to report the bad things that happen when our public servants run afoul of common decency, I believe we have that same duty to demonstrate to you why these men and women should be respected.

The dash cam footage and audio contained in the video above is real life. This is what real cops go through on any given day. They never know what awaits them at the next traffic stop. It could be a man with a gun, a woman about to give birth, or in this case a truck driver who is suffering a health issue.

The audio is the part to focus on in this particular video. You can hear the emotion in Officer Eric Devers voice as he fights to keep the trucker alive and breathing. Just for full disclosure this video was edited. Trooper Devers was on the scene a full 12 minutes before paramedics arrived and took over. During that time you can hear him counting out chest compression and administering mouth to mouth resuscitation.

The truck  driver was taken to a local hospital where it is expected he will make a full recovery. Trooper Devers  was honored with a Certificate of Recognition on Thursday. During that ceremony he was credited with saving the  man's life.

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