Experts are warning you to not pose with your vaccination card.

Many who got the COVID-19 vaccine have been quick to pose with their vaccination card on social media and now experts say that scammers are using the information on the card to scam you.

For starters, if your birthday and full name are exposed in the photo with the card, this allows scammers to get more of your private information and scam you at a later date.

In addition to that, scammers are even using your photo to their advantage by later contacting you while posing as a medical professional. Yes, scammers are now reportedly contacting those who had their first round of vaccinations and scheduling them for their final shot.

While posing as a medical professional, they are getting important information from you, like your social security number, while you think you are scheduling your final round of the vaccination.

Lastly, the cards some are posing with can easily be altered by those who do not take the vaccine but wish to show that they did.

All in all, it is best to not take a photo with your vaccination card and post it on social media. Simply get the vaccine and move one.

And yes, there are a number of other ways to encourage friends and family on social media to get the vaccine while not using your vaccination card.

Remember to always be smart and to be safe while posting anything on social media. We all know that scammers are out there and they are ready to take advantage of you and me.


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