Anyone who has ever had a plumbing disaster in the bathroom knows how important it is to use the trash can instead of the toilet for certain items. I mean, do you really want a plumber coming out to fish your unmentionables out of the commode while your boyfriend/mom/BFF is standing there? That would be a big NO.

The folks from know a thing or two about what to flush, and what not to. They have a handy guide below, without all the, ummmm, details, so pay attention, class.

  • Dental Floss - definitely not biodegradable, and those strings can't be good when they are wound around a pipe
  • Grease, Oil, and Fat - just don't ever throw any kind of food down the toilet, y'all. It might be liquid when it goes in, but a buildup over time will cause a major disruption in your pipes
  • Band Aids - plastic will never be biodegradable
  • Medication, or any kind of pills - contamination in our water supply is the end result here
  • Disposable / Flushable Wipes - they aren't really, and can cause major damage in the sewer system (yes, even if they say 'disposable')
  • Tampons, Pads - the signs in public bathrooms are up for a reason, ladies
  • Paper Towels - when it says 'more absorbent', that just means a lot longer to break down in your pipes
  • Condoms - probably the #1 thing not to flush. Try explaining this to the plumber as he is fishing them out of your clogged pipes. Really, really bad for your  plumbing system
  • Hair - clogs not only toilets, but showers and sinks, as well
  • Kitty Litter - again, if it says 'absorbent' on the label, it's a no-no for your toilet

Check out the informative video below, and let's be careful in here, y'all!

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