On Monday, Townsquare Media of Lafayette stations teamed up with Covenant United Methodist Church and Service Chevrolet to launch the LOVE TRUCK campaign. Our goal is to box up the love of Acadiana and ship it west to our neighbors who are hurting in the Lake Charles area. Your donations will be accepted again today 3-7 pm at the church at 300 E Martial in Lafayette. You can also donate only below.

The initial ask was for water, sports drinks, snacks, and hand sanitizer. Here is what they need now:

  • Water
  • Sports Drinks
  • Snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Toiletry Products
  • Baby Wipes
  • Baby Diapers

Listeners have asked about donating online and it's really easy. Click the link below and add the amount in the 'Hurricane Laura' field. Every dollar will go a long way to support the relief efforts after Hurricane Laura. These items will be bought with your donations and the folks in Lake Charles could not be more appreciative.

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