(Imagine he’s making the Vulcan salute in that photo.)

Quentin Tarantino only has two more movies to go on his ten-movie limit before he leaves Hollywood for good, and we’re all wondering what number 10 is going to be about. We already know he’s working on his ninth, about the Manson murders (an extremely Tarantino move), but the tenth is still a mystery for everyone. Will it be a Star Trek movie?

TrekNews recently unearthed an interview with the director in which he was asked whether he had his sights set on a Star Wars movie in the future. He responded,

The answer is I’d be more inclined to do a Star Trek kind of thing rather than Star Wars. And I like Star Wars and everything.

This prompted TMZ to ask Tarantino to clarify on that statement — does this mean he’d want to direct a movie in the new Star Trek series? “It would be worth having a meeting about,” he told them, which could mean anything. And, really, his previous statement could just as well be him saying that he wouldn’t want to do either, but he especially wouldn’t want to make a Star War.

You can’t really blame him. Tarantino is a director with an extremely distinct style that probably would end up in a Lord & Miller situation if Lucasfilm ever hired him for one of their movies. There is a fourth Trek film planned in the current Kelvin timeline, but that project has been postponed a bit following Star Trek Beyond’s disappointing returns.

All in all, Tarantino just doesn’t seem like the kind of director to choose a franchise film for his final movie, or to postpone his ever-nearing retirement for one either. What this definitely does mean is that we won’t see him behind the camera for any of Star Wars’ panned spinoffs. But, hmm, maybe he would be a good fit for that Jabba movie….

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