When the Ronnie James Dio hologram made its surprise debut with Dio Disciples at the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany this summer, it stirred up emotions in metal fans everywhere. While some were ecstatic to see the beloved singer back onstage, others felt a line had been crossed. With the hologram set to be part of stage shows in 2017, Disturbed's David Draiman has been the latest to offer his thoughts.

"It makes me sad," Draiman began telling Vorterix radio (transcribed by Blabbermouth). Adding he always enjoys hearing music from artists who have passed, he remained on the fence, continuing, "But I don't know… The hologram thing, to me, it almost isn't letting the dead be dead. And… I don't know… It just seems weird. It seems no different than… Is there a difference between a hologram and a guy dressing up like Ronnie James and doing it? You know what I mean?"

Seemingly torn with mixed emotions, expressing his adoration for Dio, Draiman said, "Ronnie was Ronnie, and he was the best in the entire damn world. Whether you're doing it with somebody like Ronnie James Dio or Michael Jackson or whomever, it just seems like, you know what? Respect the legacy. And me personally, I don't know… It kind of bothers me. Maybe it's because I love Ronnie so much and revere him as a god of vocal ability. So… I don't know. It just bugs me."

Wendy Dio eased apprehensions a bit when discussing the hologram, noting that Ronnie was always a lover of fantasy and that this type of event aligns itself with this notion. She also urged that this is an opportunity to celebrate the life of Ronnie and that it would give fans who never were fortunate enough to see him perform a chance to finally witness the magic for themselves.

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