Coastal erosion is a big deal in Louisiana, and all along the coast for that matter. Discovery is gonna be airing a segment on UL's research, and their "Wave Robber".

Discovery Channel Canada will be filming some UL students, and a professor this Saturday and Sunday for a segment on their "Wave Robber" research.

If you're wondering what the "Wave Robber" is, and how it works against coastal erosion...well:

The Wave Robber is a wave suppression/ sediment collection system to help with coastal erosion. The Wave Robber comes from another coastal restoration strategy: placing discarded Christmas trees at the shoreline to help reduce land loss. The technology resembles a small set of stairs with pipes running through them. Anchored to the seafloor, it breaks up waves, absorbing their energy. The interior pipes "rob" the waves of sediment and redeposit it behind the device.

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