It was a tough loss when the Saints couldn't hold onto the lead against the 49ers last Saturday. We all have our little superstitions. Things we do, or don't do, for EVERY New Orleans Saints game. For instance, I always wear some kind of Saints t-shirt underneath my Drew Brees jersey. This season I would always wear a pair of black jeans on game day. Did you make the Saints lose to the 49ers in the playoffs?

You seem to figure out throughout the season what works and what doesn't. "Oh, I wore a different pair of shoes, and they lost to the RAMS!!!" So, did you do something different? Did you make the Saints lose to the 49ers in the playoffs?

I'll admit, I blamed myself on Saturday because I didn't wear a Saints shirt underneath my jersey.

  • I had a friend at a bar that blamed himself because after the Saints scored their last touchdown he grabbed the microphone and gave the 'Who Dat?!' chant, when that's usually reserved at this bar for AFTER the game. After THEY WIN!
  • Our production director here at Town Square Media says that his daughter watched the game with a friend in New York that she had never watched a game with there before. So he blamed her!
  • Some even went as far as to say it's because it was two NFC teams on CBS!
  • Digital from our sister station Hot 107.9 says that the two games he watched at Chris Logan (also from Hot 107.9)'s house this season, the Saints lost. Guess where he was watching the game Saturday...

Once again, everyone has their superstitions. Rules they follow for every game. I couldn't find any upset Saints fans that were this good. This Packers fan blames her friend because she made her paint her nails a different color and told her to wear her Clay Matthews jersey instead of her Aaron Rodgers jersey. This is a good one.


Either way, it was a great, RECORD BREAKING season! I still love OUR New Orleans Saints! Who Dat?!?

So, I ask...what was your superstition this year? Did you break it when the Saints played the 49ers causing them to lose and turn our season upside down???

Truth be told though...