The Rolling Stones announced their "No Filter" US tour yesterday. But New Orleans wasn't on the list.

The closest show to Lafayette on their tour dates is in Houston. It's been rumored for a few months now that Jazz Fest has something special up their sleeve for their 50th anniversary, which runs from April 25-May 5, 2019.

Jazz Fest added a second Thursday to their already 7 day load. They haven't announced the plans for that second Thursday yet, though. And their pass that allows you to get into all days of the festival don't include that day. The Rolling Stones have been at the top of the rumor mill for a few weeks now. This only furthered the rumors that The Rolling Stones would be playing that date.

However, when the band announced their tour dates, New Orleans wasn't on the list. Good ole Mick put out a Facebook video, though, that may have ruined the surprise.

If you listen, he includes New Orleans on the list of places they're playing.

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