A woman's Halloween decorations freak people out enough that the police are called to her house repeatedly.

LaRethia Haddon has been using the same Halloween schtick for 25 years. She does it for a number of reasons, but the main one...the one that started it all, was that her husband's birthday falls on Halloween.

The prop in question is a large dummy that she puts in her yard face down. Every morning she moves it to a different location. She then sits in her living room, drinks her coffee, and watches the reactions from people as they notice the dummy in the yard.

She says that some people will actually run up and try to give the dummy CPR! And of course, once they figure out that it isn't real, that's when she has a good laugh.

The Detroit Police Department on the other hand doesn't find it as hilarious as Haddon does. Officer Jennifer Moreno said that there were three days in a row, on October 6th, 7th, and 8th that they received one call each day.

The police would rather Haddon put some kind of sign that let's people know that it isn't real. This would keep them from having to come out to her house on false alarm calls all of the time.

An officer rightfully stated, "If we get a call, we are still responding. We can't take the chance."

Haddon said the only other problem besides the police paying her regular visits is that people steal her dummy if she doesn't take it in at night. On Halloween night, though, it stays out all night.

"We're just really into it. And the kids get a kick out of it in the neighborhood and my grandchildren, also," she said. "It's something that we always do."

Keep on laughing, Ms. Haddon!


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