Head Coach of the Jackson State football team and former star athlete Deion Sanders recently caused an awkward moment with a media member. The interviewer was immediately shut down by the Coach after Sanders did not feel as though the first question was authentic.

Deion Sanders Interview

Deion "Coach Prime" Sanders has made a major impact on the HBCU world since taking on his head coaching role at Jackson State. His sons have played on the team and Sanders' power in the world of social media has drawn a lot of much-deserved attention to historically black colleges.

But just because Deion Sanders was a fantastic professional athlete doesn't mean he rubs everyone the right way.

Deion Sanders Gets Into It with Alabama State Head Coach

Recently, Sanders had an incident with the head coach of Alabama State following their game.

Clearly, the two were not on the best terms following Jackson State's win.

Sanders went on to speak about the interaction as well as his representation of the SWAC conference.

But that fire has died down, although Coach Sanders' spirit has not.

Deion Sanders Gives Interviewer a Hard Time for "Code Switching"

See a recent interview with Coach Deion Sanders via @overtime below.

Some online said that Sanders thought the interviewer was "code-switching".

What is "code-switching"?

Urban Dictionary defines code switching as - "To customize style of speech to the audience or group being addressed". They use the example, "She talks street to her friends at school, but when she is with her family, she is code switching and speaks proper English".

From my understanding, code switching basically means changing the way you speak depending on the setting you are speaking in.

See more reactions to the interview with Sanders below.

Many online are pointing out that the media member is simply trying to do his job to the best of his ability. Others point out that this isn't the first time Coach Sanders had had problems with the media.

Personally, I am a big fan of Deion Sanders for all he has accomplished. The man is true to who he is and is always straight up.

Twitter via @overtime
Twitter via @overtime

Unfortunately, sometimes being straight up isn't always called for. In this scenario, I don't think the interviewer had any malice in opening up the questionnaire with "How you feeling". I can understand why Sanders may have been a little confused as to why the interviewer's tone changed, but still, I do not think it was worth ruining the interview.

The two were left with an awkward moment that was hard to salvage.

What do you think? Was Coach Sanders right for calling him out? Or did it just make a mess of what could've been a typical interview? Let us know in the comments.

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