The defense for a Greenwell Springs man accused of double murder claims that the suspect’s heavily-tattooed face draws discrimination from potential jurors.  29-year-old William Bottoms faces a mandatory term of life in prison for the 2017 slayings.  Legal analyst Franz Borghardt says the facial markings could be claimed as a distraction from the case.

“In terms of strategy, is it totally ridiculous?  No.  Does it have something to do with guilt and innocence?  Probably not, but now it’s something they are talking about,” said Borghardt.

The bodies of the victims were found in the backseat of a vehicle in Grangeville.  Borghardt says if the jurors admit that they may hold the tattoos against Bottoms, it truly might be a factor, but it really comes down to the strength of the evidence presented in the case.

“If the tattoos and the way he appears has nothing to do with the case, then ultimately, it’s not going to lead anywhere,” said Borghardt.

Borghardt says hitting the facial issues is likely a wise move for the defense.

“If it leads to reasonable doubt, the attorney is a genius, right?  If it doesn’t lead to reasonable doubt, then it was what it was,” said Borghardt.

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