In the annals of history, there’s only one R-rated movie that grossed more money in its opening weekend than Deadpool 2. And that would be ... Deadpool. So last weekend’s sequel didn’t quite eclipse the original, film but it still delivered huge box office numbers. Here’s the full weekend chart:

FilmWeekendPer ScreenTotal
1Deadpool 2$125,000,000$28,742$125,000,000
2Avengers: Infinity War$28,672,000 (-53%)$7,164$595,032,959
3Book Club$12,500,000$4,495$12,500,000
4Life of the Party$7,725,000 (-56%)$2,113$31,036,507
5Breaking In$6,470,000 (-63%)$2,550$28,750,710
6Show Dogs$6,034,770$1,879$6,034,770
7Overboard$4,725,000 (-52%)$2,596$36,973,570
8A Quiet Place$4,040,000 (-37%)$1,736$176,176,313
9Rampage$1,500,000 (-56%)$1,023$92,423,329
10RBG$1,280,000 (+7%)$3,413$3,880,766

The first Deadpool grossed $132 million in February of 2016; relatively little competition may have helped it earn about $7 million more than Deadpool 2 in 2018 (which had to contend with the likes of Avengers: Infinity War, already one of the biggest superhero movies ever made). CinemaScore voters gave the film an A, the same as the first Deadpool. That should help the film get near its $783 million worldwide total; it already has $301 million internationally.

Speaking of Infinity War, it was the number two movie of the weekend. It dropped 53 percent in its fourth weekend in theaters and grossed an estimated $28.6 million. Its total to date is $595 million. It’s already the third biggest Marvel movie of all time in the U.S., behind just Black Panther and the original Avengers, which it will likely pass in a couple weeks. (It’s already made more than Avengers: Age of Ultron, a telling stat.) Its $1.8 billion worldwide makes it the fourth biggest movie worldwide in film history, behind AvatarTitanic, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens (which grossed $2.0 billion, a reachable number for Infinity War at this point in its run).

The other big new release of the weekend was a classic case of counter-programming: Book Club, starring Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, and Candice Bergen as the members of a boozy book club. The movie earned $12.5 million in its opening weekend and got an A- CinemaScore. That put it ahead of the other big comedy in theaters, Melissa McCarthy’s Life of the Party, which dropped 56 percent from last weekend and fell to fourth place on the box office chart. Fifth place on the chart belonged to Breaking In, the home invasion thriller starring Gabrielle Union. Its grossed $28.7 million in the U.S. so far, against a budget of just $6 million.

None of those movies could rate, at least on a per-screen basis, with the biggest film of the weekend: Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, which returned to theaters for an unrestored 70mm engagement. On four screens around the country, the film earned $200,000, for an estimated PSA of $50,000. Deadpool 2 had the second-best PSA for the weekend, with $28,742 on each of its 4,349 screens. I bet he would love the scenes with the monkeys fighting each other.

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