If you're wanting to cast your vote in Louisiana's presidential preference primary on March 5th, you need to be sure you're registered before Wednesday (2/3).

No matter who you're planning on voting for, it's important that you do actually exercise your right to vote! If you're not yet registered, or you need to change your political party affiliation, now is the time to do just that!

Secretary of State Tom Schedler says that this is Louisiana's only closed primary.

"Only Democrats can vote on the Democratic side on those qualified candidates in Louisiana for a Democratic nominee and then on the Republican side the same holds true."

Registered independent voters will not be allowed to vote in the primary.

"You still have time if you want to participate in either or, you cant participate in both, but you still can change your party affiliation for that purpose."

If you want to register to vote, or change your party, you can do so at the local registrar of voters office, or online at www.geauxvote.com.

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