David Lee Roth has released a video for the song "Lo-Rez Sunset," which was previously included as part of last year's The Roth Project online comic book.

You can see the video below.

It features the same animation style the former Van Halen singer has been using in the cartoons he's been drawing and posting on social media in recent months.

The breezy, acoustic-based "Lo-Rez Sunset" is the third song Roth has released during the past year. Last October he posted the wistful "Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bar and Grill" as a tribute to his longtime bandmate Eddie Van Halen, who died earlier that month.

The Roth Project debuted shortly afterward, followed by the release of "Giddy-Up" in May. In a 2019 interview, Roth hinted that a new album, featuring music he recorded at various sessions with Rob Zombie and solo guitarist John 5, could eventually be released.

"There's been a revision of things, and I can start making real plans and start marching into the future," he told WRIF. "And of course you'll start hearing that material."

"I would just go to his house ... and I'd write this songs with him," John 5 told No Guitar Is Safe in 2015. "They're so good ... they're really great songs."

Roth will be returning to Las Vegas for his first live shows since his stint opening for Kiss was cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic in spring 2020.

The first of his five planned shows at House of Blues is scheduled to take place Dec. 31. Tickets are available at the venue's website.

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