A new documentary delving into the conjoined connection of metal music and horror needs your help to get off the ground. Through interviews with legendary musicians and actors, The History of Metal and Horror aims to celebrate how two cultural phenomenons have become so intertwined.

Filmmaker Mike Schiff has already gathered some incredible talent for The History of Metal and Horror. Rock and metal icons like Alice Cooper, Dave Mustaine, Kirk Hammett and Corey Taylor share screen time with horror pioneers such as director John Carpenter and Hellraiser antagonist Doug Bradley (aka Pinhead).

On the film’s Indiegogo page, The History of Metal and Horror promises:

An exploration into the evolution of both heavy metal and horror by historians, authors, and other experts.

Commentary from horror icons, explaining how their films have influenced both genres.

Commentary from heavy metal artists about their greatest fears, favorite horror films, past and current influences, involvement in horror films, horror themed looks, music videos, and stage performances, and much more.

Commentary from both horror icons and metal artists about why heavy metal and horror work well together.

An exploration into the world of horror conventions which often contain a large heavy metal element.

A wraparound story starring a well-known horror star which ties each segment together.

With an impressive batch of interviews already filmed, the horror doc is hoping to crowd-fund $38,000 to complete the movie. Those who donate can receive perks like a copy of the film once it’s released, a signed DVD and Blu-Ray from the director and even associate or executive producer credits.

Check out some select clips from The History of Metal and Horror above. If you’d like to donate to the project, head over to Indiegogo.

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