Running in extreme heat is dangerous, but doing it while dressed as Darth Vader is borderline suicidal.

For the fourth straight year, Jonathan Rice dressed up as the ‘Star Wars’ villain to run one mile in 129-degree heat in California’s Death Valley in the Darth Valley Challenge. He's hoping his effort will earn the Guinness record for hottest verified run.

Amazingly, not only did Rice go through with the stunt last week, but he finished off the mile in six minutes, 36 seconds. Considering America’s obesity epidemic, there’s a good chance most men couldn’t complete the journey in under six hours while wearing nothing but their birthday suit while a hose filled with ice cold water is shooting at them the entire route.

Rice began running in Death Valley back in 1996 and his exploits continue to win over fans, with people showing up dressed as other 'Star Wars' characters to cheer him on.

Rice hopes he’s not a trendsetter, adding, “This is a ludicrously dangerous endeavor. I don't support you doing it. I don't even really support me doing it.”

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