Lafayette native, Daniel Cormier, posted a farewell message to the fighting world after a tough loss in UFC 252. 'DC' has made Louisiana proud throughout his career and will be remembered as one of the best fighters to ever do it.

Cormier went to Facebook today to post an endearing message and you can check it out below

Cormier faced off against Stipe Miocic in a trilogy fight that came down to the wire. Many analysts of the bout thought the decision could have gone either way, especially with the unpredictable judging in the UFC. At the end of the day, Stipe won by decision and held on to his Heavyweight championship belt. You can see a full recap of the fight as well as Cormier's post fight interview with Joe Rogan here.

Dana White, Commissioner of the UFC, was not in full belief that this would be Daniel Cormier's last fight before UFC 252 kicked off. But after seeing the way the fight went down and Cormier's feelings after being defeated, he admitted in the post-fight press conference that he did not feel the same way but also wanted to let 'DC' speak for himself.

Well, after Cormier's post today on Facebook it looks like he has spoken. It seems as though the Lafayette legend has fought his last battle, but he will always be remembered in the area and in the state as one of the best UFC fighters and wrestlers to ever come out of the city.

Congratulations to you, DC, on a wonderful career and we all wish you and your family the best in your retirement.


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