Sparks were flying at Cypremort Point after a camp owner allegedly threw items at a fisherman in a boat for fishing too close to his camp.

According to a Facebook post, Derrick Miller was fishing near a camp at Cypremort Point when he alleges a camp owner came out cursing him and throwing items toward his boat. The owner alleges that he "owns" the water near the dock.

Miller also says in the post that his "buddy" received the same treatment recently, two days in a row. Not only did the camp owner allegedly throw items at Miller's buddy, but, in the post, Miller points out that there were also kids in the boat at one point.

Here is the post Miller submitted to Facebook:

What Miller does in the post has some people scratching their heads while others are applauding him: he encourages others to encroach on the man's property.

Don't get me wrong, if Miller is within his rights to fish around the man's dock, then the property owner should not be raising a stink. If, though, the property owner does have rights to the water around the dock, those boating there to fish could be out of line in the eyes of the law.

So, who is in the right here? Granted, it's never a great idea to throw items at anyone. If you find someone on your property breaking the law (or allegedly breaking the law), call law enforcement. Take note of the perpetrator's description, boat registration number, etc., and give that information to the authorities and let them handle it.

If someone is throwing items at you and you feel that they should not be doing that, take note of the perpetrator's description and the location and notify law enforcement.

Now we have what could be a flotilla headed to this man's camp soon, and I don't see anything good coming from it. I'm afraid that tensions will escalate to the point of someone losing their temper. Others agree:

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What should happen is this: the two men should meet with law enforcement to get to the bottom of this before someone gets hurt.

I can understand people wanting to retaliate if they are the target of a thrown item, and Nicholas Guidry says he'd do just that.

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Dustin has a few choice words for the camp owner and gives advice on how to handle the situation. I'm not certain that the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries would handle it in this fashion. Also, Jonathon chimes in, saying that the harassment has been happening for years.

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Stephen Rogers points out that no one owns the water or the fish in that water, and short of looking up the law, I agree with him. But I think that it's best we let the law handle the situation.

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Jokes were made in reference to the recent verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, but then cooler heads prevailed: "No one's life is worth taking over fish".

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If the man has rights to the water surrounding his property, the area could be marked so that it's known as private property. If the man does not have rights to the water surrounding the area, then he should go about his business and not worry about people fishing there, unless they are damaging his property.

As for now, I think that the two men should meet with law enforcement to settle the issue before things escalate to the point of no return.

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