New Orleans sludge merchants Crowbar have been menacing since their relative return five years ago, bridging a six year gap between albums. The Serpent Only Lies is the latest from the legends, arriving Oct. 28 on eOne in North America and SPV overseas and fans can check out the title track in the video above.

With original bassist Todd 'Sexy T' Strange back in the band after his initial departure in 2000, Crowbar vowed to return to their influences on this record and "The Serpent Only Lies" makes good on that promise. Opening with a hardcore-leaning riff and Kirk Windstein's signature howl, the song dips into moodier territory by the time the chorus comes around. This volleying energy pulsates throughout the song and is at the heart of what Crowbar are all about.

"In my opinion, this song is the epitome of the Crowbar sound," Windtsein beamed. "It starts out fast and heavy and breaks into a wall of melodic doom before switching gears again. Play it loud!"

Our friends at CLRVYNT spoke with Sexy T about his return, asking his opinion on The Serpent Only Lies as a recent outsider. "They did their homework," he began, adding, "I think you'll find some of the hardcore elements that got replaced by more metal elements have come back. The real doomy stuff is there. Kirk will tell you that he went back and listened to some of the bands that originally influenced Crowbar: Trouble, St. Vitus, Carnivore. And you're gonna hear all that stuff. To me, some of the riffs are the heaviest riffs ever written. And I'm not just saying that. I might reap the benefits of it, but it's definitely been well-put-together and well-thought-out. And Kirk's vocals — he still sounds like he's been gargling with razor blades, but he's also gotten a little more melodic in his old age."

Pre-order your copy of Crowbar's The Serpent Only Lies at Amazon or digitally through iTunes. All digital orders will come with instant gratification downloads of the title track, "Falling While Rising" and "Plasmic and Pure."

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