Are the Crocs line of shoes going away? News reports say that Crocs has announced the closures of their last manufacturing facilities, located in Mexico and Italy.

Crocs are like cilantro: people either love them or hate them. My brother-in-law would wear them to bed if my sister would allow it, that's how much he loves his. Personally, I can't wear shoes that are not secured to my feet. Flip-flops, slippers, Crocs - I just can't make them work like they are supposed to work!

Crocs were huge for a while, then they kind of fell out of favor, and then saw a resurgence. Crocs recently announced a high-heel Croc.

Not a stiletto and also not the traditional Croc shoe, this one has turned some heads. They do look stylish (in a comfortable, cheap way), I guess. Many on social media questioned whether Crocs had "jumped the shark" with their latest design!

The story from ABC6 also mentioned that Crocs hired a new CFO, which made me ask "Why would they close all of their manufacturing facilities and then hire a new executive?" That led me to re-read the story. In the very first paragraph, the phrase "company-owned" is used. Crocs is closing its "company-owned" manufacturing facilities.

Looks like the manufacturing of Crocs will now be done by the lowest bidder.

Happy foaming!


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