Crack the Crypt returns for 2019! It's your chance to win big money if you can figure out which dead person from history is trapped in the crypt.

Brought to you by Rock 'n' Bowl de Lafayette who will be hosting "Songs from the Crypt". Some of your favorite local artists will take the stage on Halloween night singing all of your favorite dead rock star hits! Costume Contests and more!

Here's how to play: At 7 am, 12 pm and 3 pm we'll give out clues. Download our mobile app to get the updated, ever-growing Jackpot amount (this is the only way to get the amount, and you need it to be able to take a guess!). Then in the 3 pm hour, when we say, only when we say, be caller number 6 with the dollar amount and your guess. If you guess correctly, you win the Jackpot amount.

List of clues:

  • Born in the last 500 years
  • A true original
  • Get back up
  • All aboard
  • Put your clothes on
  • It’s private
  • Shake a leg
  • Buy a blender
  • Make a reservation
  • H-Town
  • Less than two months away
  • Phone home
  • One of the greatest
  • Eat away
  • Late bloomer
  • Confusion sets in
  • Check out
  • Paved the way
  • Trade-off
  • Trust me
  • Died in the last 150 years
  • Stay on track
  • The gambler
  • Could’ve done more
  • You should eat something
  • Not fully
  • Not an only child
  • Heads up!
  • Ties to Louisiana
  • Used a nickname
  • Tune up
  • Highly influential
  • Don't Josh about trees
  • Don't go buy coffee
  • Puttin on the ritz
  • Shoot him up
  • Not his project
  • Fly high
  • Cosmic American

Incorrect Guesses:

  1. Thomas Jefferson
  2. Walt Disney
  3. Bon Scott
  4. Jack LaLanne
  5. Dean Martin
  6. Harlan Sanders
  7. Missed $ Amount (no guess Tuesday)
  8. Ray Kroc
  9. Dom DeLouise
  10. Tex Ritter
  11. John Wayne
  12. Huey P. Long
  13. Buzz Aldrin (Not Dead)


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