Courtney Cash, the 23 year old great-niece of Johnny Cash, has been found dead, and stuffed in a box. 

Cash was found stabbed to death in her home. Her body had been stuffed into a cedar chest and left in her living room.

From Inquisitr:

Putnam County Sheriff David Andrews told reporters that Cash was “probably” slain in an argument over drugs.

“We live in a drug-driven society,” Andrews said. “This is a senseless, tragic death of a young lady whose life was probably taken as a direct or indirect result of drugs.”

Putnam County deputies have a suspect in custody, Wayne Gary Masciarella, 27, who has a long history of arrests on drug charges as well as aggravated assault, domestic assault, theft, vandalism and various other offenses.


Masciarella was also charged with stabbing Cash's boyfriend, William Austin Johnson. He managed to escape with their 20 month old daughter, and somehow drive himself to a hospital. He remains in critical condition.

Courtney Cash is the granddaughter of Johnny Cash's brother, Tommy. He had this to say,

“Courtney and her boyfriend are beloved members of my family and like you we have a lot of questions and emotions that we are beginning to sort through today,” Tommy Cash said in a statement. “We are completely heartbroken. It is a time like this that we are grateful for our faith and trusting the loving guidance of God.”


William Austin Johnson hasn't been able to talk to police yet due to his severe wounds.

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