What if Daniel Day-Lewis was in Star Wars: Episode VII? Wouldn't it be some kind of awesome to have an actor of that caliber in the role of a Jedi? Or even a Sith? Ooooo!!! He can play evil so well! Turns out, even though he said he's taking a long break after Lincoln, that there still could be a chance of this happening! Keep reading to find out why/how!

This is super exciting news. Daniel Day-Lewis has a pretty close relationship with George Lucas' BFF Steven Spielberg. Would that be what it would take to get him into a Star Wars role? He always seems to play some pretty complex characters, and is notorious for staying in character during production even when the cameras aren't rolling. Maybe it's time for him to take a step back, and do something fun! Maybe Star Wars could do just that for him!

Here's where the rumors started...From Inquisitr:

He did sit down for lunch with George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy recently and maybe the three of them talked about a potential role in the new movie. It’s a long shot but it is somewhere in the realm of possibility.


As you probably know by now, George Lucas sold his portion of Lucas Film to Disney. So, it really wouldn't be that far of a stretch to see Day-Lewis sharing a meal with Lucas and there not be any talk of a Star Wars role. The key here to me is that Kathleen Kennedy was also there. She is who George Lucas turned over creative control to the Star Wars universe to. She is more of a key player than Lucas is at this point. And she was at that table with the other two men!

Would you want to see Daniel Day-Lewis take a role in Star Wars: Episode VII?