The sound of a cough is more concerning than ever in these uncertain times.

I've seen people give serious side-eyes to public coughing or sneezing over the last week and I can't really blame them. No one wants to be seen as an outcast, but the truth is everyone is on high alert in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak and we saw a prime example in a post that has gone viral on Twitter.

Someone shared that they were actually keeping a "cough log" at their job and people had BIG feelings on who needed to be sent home.

It was actually a moment that gave me a lot more relief than anxiety as a was able to share a very relevant laugh with friends and loved ones—especially everyone's reaction to Keke's cough count.

The cough log is funny enough on its own, but the replies had me laughing out loud. As we get through these trying times feel free to share this with a friend who could use a smile right now.

They'll more than likely agree that Keke needs to "gone head and log out."

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