Over the course of its eight year run, ‘The Cosby Show’ became just as known for its fashions (such as the infamous Cosby sweaters) as for its heartwarming comedy. Thanks to one dedicated blogger, now you can pick through the Huxtables’ costume closet one episode and character at a time

Huxtable Hotness starts with the very first episode, and then works its way through every item of clothing on display. Remember the time that Denise tried to make Theo a designer-imposter shirt for his big date? In this entry Theo’s “before” and “after” looks receive a proper dressing down, complete with screencaps. But why not jog your memory with a little video so you can see Denise’s hideous results in action?

As the blog’s author pithily observes, “Sadly, Theo has no one but himself to blame for the pleated pants.”

The massive entries are updated weekly and only cover the first three seasons so far. It will be fun to follow along and see the colorful havoc that’s wreaked when the Huxtable family enters the 1990s!

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