A jewelry store in a small town in Florida was burglarized for $75,000 worth of merchandise. After the cops were sent to investigate, another $800 worth of merchandise was missing. That's cause one of the cops investigating burgled the place! Follow me?

The original burglars came in through the roof of the jewelry store. It was a smash and dash job, so there was broken glass cases, and exposed merchandise around the store.

Officer Kevin Burgs (come on, really?) was one of several police officers to be called out to the crime scene.

Video surveillance shows Burgs walking around the store carrying a ladder, which he had previously put his rifle down to pick up the ladder. After setting the ladder down to pick up his rifle, he snatches a pricey watch at the same time.

Police later found the expensive watch in his police unit.

Burgs has plead NOT GUILTY to grand theft.

Not guilty? But you're clearly on tape...they found the watch in your unit...Burgs Burgled While Investigating Burglary. Try saying that 3 times fast.

Oh yeah, here's the video:

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