Congressman Clay Higgins has released a video, that very much resembles a sports team's hype video, and he wants America to stand back up.

In the video, the former St. Landry Parish Deputy and now U.S. Congressman encourages Americans to hold each other up as we begin to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

His message is loud and clear here, it is time for America to get back on its feet, but it will take all Americans to do their part as we begin to rebound from this economic disaster.

How will America respond to the times we are in, well we are going to have to wait and see, but if Congressman Higgins has his way, it will be done with a team effort.

Check out the video below and let this be some form of motivation for you if you're feeling down and out about your current situation.

Look, you don't have to agree with Higgins' political stance here to acknowledge that his message is on point. We will have to come together as one in order to rebuild this country.

Let's do it.


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