UPDATE--Saturday, July 24: Lafayette Consolidated Government says construction at the intersection of Guilbeau Road and West Congress Street is now complete. The intersection has been reopened to traffic. LCG originally said last week the road would reopen this coming Monday. The intersection had been closed one month for construction.



It's been a long month for drivers who have had to navigate through the construction project happening on Congress Street at its intersection with Guilbeau Road in Lafayette.

Because of the rainy weather we have experienced this summer, a project that began on Monday, June 14th - and was supposed to take three weeks to complete - is still causing traffic issues for drivers passing through, working, or living in that area. Even with a shift in direction for the road work coming out of the weekend, it still makes driving in that area a frustrating experience.

Good news!

According to a press release from spokesman Jamie Angelle with Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory's office, a completion date has been given for the road work that has shut down straight-through traffic at the intersection - Monday, July 26th.

"More damage than expected at the start of construction delayed the original completion date. That work, coupled with inclement weather, has delayed progress," said Angelle in the press release.

Angelle also explained how traffic in the construction area will continue to be directed until next Monday, when "drivers can expect the roadway to be a smoother ride and traffic flowing as it once was."

Northbound and southbound traffic on Guilbeau Road traffic will continue to turn right onto West Congress Street. Eastbound and westbound traffic on West Congress Street will continue to turn right onto Guilbeau Road."

Residents, businesses, and drivers are sure to be excited when that completion date comes.

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