After the fact, these people probably felt amazing. During, it looks oh so painful!

Personally, I've never been to a chiropractor's office. It's probably because I'm afraid I would love it too much and would need to go all the time.

While I haven't been to an office, our team doctor for my high school soccer team was a chiropractor. Before one game I went to him to ask for some type of headache relief. I was thinking Ibuprofen, Advil, Tylenol...something of the sorts.

He had me sit on the ground. He pressed a bit on the back of my upper neck. Asked if it was tender, which it was. He then wrapped his arms around my neck and told me to relax.

Once I was relaxed enough, he twisted hard and fast. Much like in the video. He helped me up, told me to wait 5-10 minutes. Needless to say, my headache was gone. Amazing.

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