It's football cliche time! There is no greater advantage than home field advantage. You must play the game for the full 60 minutes. The crowd is the twelfth man on the team. It's not over 'til it's over.

There is a reason why LSU's Tiger Stadium has earned the moniker "Death Valley". The reason it's so difficult for an opposing team to come into Baton Rouge and leave with a win is the crowd. Let's face it 80 plus thousand slightly intoxicated and exuberant Tiger fans do have an effect on the game.

LSU interim head coach Ed Orgeron understands the importance of the home field advantage and the great benefit of a noisy and supportive crowd. That is why on his weekly radio show he implored Tiger fans to stay for the full 60 minutes.

First of all, the game ain't ever over 'til its over. We play for 60 minutes. We don't look at the scoreboard. We play. The opportunity to play and to play in Tiger Stadium is special. The more fans towards the end of the game brings energy. You know you play these spread offenses, and all of a sudden you put the second team and they score two touchdowns and get the onside the kick, now the game is close. We don't want that to happen. We want our fans to stay. Eventually, they will.

Let's face it you're either a real fan or you're a "paper tiger".  Coach O's comments were reported in a story by reporter Andrew Lopez.

This Saturday night when the Ole Miss Rebels come into Tiger Stadium the LSU football team will be facing a very talented and well-coached team. If the Tigers are going to keep building on the momentum they have seen under Coach Orgeron they are going to need all the support that fans can give.

Kick off for the LSU versus Mississippi game is set for 8 PM. The game will be televised nationally on the ESPN television network. If you have tickets to the game use them and plan on staying. If you have tickets and can't use them then put them in the hands of Tiger fan, don't sell the online to a fan of the other team.

What's more important to you? Is it beating the traffic or is it beating the opponent? If we are going to expect our team to pay for 60 minutes then we can't be 45-minute fans.


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