You'd like to think that when the technical pioneers of what we now know as the Internet were creating this vast digital landscape they had good intentions. I am sure the developers of what we old people call the information superhighway wanted this connected technology to benefit our time on the planet and not deter it.

I guess there are arguments on both sides of that issue that would have plenty of fodder for a great debate. However, this fodder will point in the direction of the Internet being used for good. In this case, what started out as a bad situation quickly blossomed into one of those heart-warming, lump-in-your-throat kinds of tales.

This story begins in a high school classroom. It's the chemistry classroom of TikTok user @chemwithcorrine. This teacher posted a video about a theft that occurred in her classroom.

If you can't make out the writing on the whiteboard our teacher friend is lamenting the loss of her calculator. I am sure as a chemistry teacher, she probably needs that. But the loss of the calculator isn't the real story here.

It's the last lines of the message, "my kids need new jackets and shoes and I can't afford to replace it". Y'all, this is a high school teacher and she is not earning enough to cover the cost of the basic needs for her family and the cost of a calculator?

@chemwithcorinne via TikTok
@chemwithcorinne via TikTok

This lady doesn't look like she lives an extravagant lifestyle. It looks like, to me, that we are failing our teachers by not compensating them properly and then underfunding their classrooms. It's no wonder our educational system is in the toilet. We, through the actions of school boards and legislatures, are flushing our future.

Now, there is a happy ending to this story. You may have noticed that at the bottom of the TikTok post. Here is where you might get that lump in your throat.

Literally, thousands of people, total strangers, reached out and offered to not only replace the calculator but to purchase shoes, jackets, and other items for this teacher's family.

Now you may have picked up on the fact that @chemwithcorinne mentioned she won't be needing a calculator anymore. She has resigned from her position as a chemistry teacher to be a stay at home Mom. Good for you!

And she was quick to point out that if you still wanted to help you could always donate calculators to your local high school or send a monetary donation. Every year teachers come out of their own pockets to fund equipment and supplies for their classrooms. When you couple that with a payscale that should embarrass us all, it should warrant a real look at teacher pay.

I have an idea. This holiday season instead of spending a few bucks on candles or another insignificant sussie as a teacher gift. How about this. You purchase two gift cards. One is for the teacher to use on herself. Maybe for a cup of coffee or light lunch or something like that.

Make the other gift card for the teacher's classroom fund. You'll actually be making an investment in your own child's education with that gift card. Teachers who are properly supplied can really open young minds. Don't you want your child to become a great thinker?

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