Bringing the Fight Club story to a different medium. I like it!

Chuck Palahniuk, who wrote
Fight Club (the novel), told reporter Jeff Goldsmith over the weekend, that
David Fincher (who directed the
Fight Club movie) and
Trent Reznor (who has provided musical scores for Fincher's last three films) are working on turning
Fight Club into a rock opera!

Palahniuk has been delving back into the world of Fight Club, most recently with the official sequel to Fight Club in graphic novel form.

Back in May, Palahniuk spoke about a possible Fight Club rock opera:

“He’s got Trent Reznor working on the score for one year. And after a year they expect to have enough of the primary songs to start putting it together,” he tells me. “David is working with Julie Taymor to figure out how to create these enormous spectacles as she does, similar to The Lion King and Spiderman. So that’s David’s big dream.” [Source]


Do you think Fight Club would work well as a rock opera with those people at the helm?

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