It looks like elaborate touchdown celebrations are being outsourced to China.

The China Arena Football League released this incredible highlight video of a game between the Shanghai Skywalkers and the Shenzhen Naja from this past weekend.

The NFL, of course, has put the kibosh on celebrations, so seeing this kind of jubilation without a flag come flying down is about as odd as seeing a Lions-Browns Super Bowl matchup.

While we can't vouch for the quality of play on the field, we can certainly attest to the creativity of the hoopla after the score.

That's all wonderful and everything, but we do need to get back to the elephant in the room: THERE'S A CHINESE ARENA FOOTBALL LEAGUE?!? Yeah, we're just as surprised as you. It's a six-team league that began play this fall and has legit NFL personalities like Dick Vermeil and Ron Jaworski involved.

And we can't resist making make that lamest of lame jokes: after you watch one game, you're going to watch another one about an hour later.

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