We're just a few weeks away from April 1, and Chevelle are anxiously awaiting the release of their 'La Gargola' album. In the lead up to the disc, Chevelle have teamed with Loudwire to give viewers a second glimpse inside the recording studio as they were completing work on the new disc.

The band has been holed up in Pasadena, Calif., where they've been working with acclaimed rock producer Joe Barresi on the new disc. And aside from the sessions, bassist Dean Bernardini and frontman Pete Loeffler joke about learning "what to do in Pasadena" and "how to duck and cover in the occurrence of an earthquake."

Loeffler also reveals some of the songs that were coming together during the filming and offers more insight on tracks like 'Jawbreaker,' 'One Ocean' and 'Take Out the Gunman.' Speaking about the lyrics with a sense of humor, he adds, "I talk about chance encounters with gargoyles while taking out the trash at night. This is very deep stuff." Loeffler and Bernardini also open up about the recording process itself and what goes in to making their new album. You can see the video above.

Chevelle's 'La Gargola' album drops April 1 and can be pre-ordered via Amazon and iTunes. When you pre-order 'La Gargola' via iTunes, you not only get 'Take Out the Gunman' for free, you also get the brand new track 'Hunter Eats Hunter' as well. Also, check out the first behind-the-scenes video here.

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