Chevelle get their butts kicked by an unseen force throwing fisticuffs in the band’s new video for ‘Hats Off to the Bull.’ It’s easily one of the most brutal and cool clips we’ve witnessed in quite some time. Somehow, the violence is much more intense when you can’t see the perpetrator.

The Chevelle boys are battered, bruised, bloodied and acting! Instead of playing instruments while splicing live/performance footage with the plot footage, the musicians are the main characters and they are playing parts from back to front. While the acting consists of taking punches, putting up their dukes and tumbling to the ground, it’s very believable and you’ll remain glued to the screen, enraptured.

We already knew Chevelle could play their instruments. Now we know they can act, too. If they overdid it, their exaggerated actions would look silly, but Chevelle handled the beatings in a way that was eerie, not comical.

Throughout the vid, the trio is stationed separately in an industrial, dystopian yard that looks like a wasteland. They’re wearing five o’clock shadows and being beaten senseless by the aforementioned unseen force.

Each member of Chevelle puts up a good fight to defend themselves, but they end up on their backs more often than not.

There’s lots of slow motion butt kicking. Not to say that we don’t feel sorry for the Chevelle guys, but they take the beatings like men.

‘Hats Off to the Bull’ is the title track and latest single off the band’s most recent album.

Watch the Chevelle ‘Hats Off to the Bull’ Video

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