The Lafayette Parish School Board's discipline committee is making a recommendation to the board to change the dress code at high schools in the parish.

If approved, it would allow high school students only one option for their bottoms - khaki shorts, long pants or skirts.

The change would also include only having one color allowed for shirts at the area's high schools. What color would your son or daughter be allowed to where? Well, it depends on the school they attend.

If the approved changes go through as they are being suggested right now, the color for shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts at each school would be as follows:

  • Acadiana High School's color would be Hunter green
  • Carencro High School's color would be Navy
  • Comeaux High School's color would be Navy
  • Lafayette High School's color would be Black
  • Thibodaux STEM Academy's color would be Royal blue

Currently, Lafayette Parish high school students have several options for colors for their bottoms including khaki, navy blue and black.

For tops right now, high school students can choose from three school-specific colors.

As far as an explanation for the suggested changes, Dr. Donald Aguillard tells KPEL that with three opitons for shirt and bottom colors, it is hard for principals and teacher to tell which students belong on their campuses.

Aguillard says, "We will need plenty of parental and community input on this issue between now and the time the item is up for final adoption in April."

The Superintendent adds that maybe a compromise might be that two options are offered for tops and bottoms.

You can click here to found out how to contact your Lafayette Parish School Board member.

To find out more information about the current dress code, click here.

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