Here's an important update.

The CDC has conceded that COVID is here to stay and that there are some changes to their guidelines.

While guidelines have been loosened, the CDC no longer recommends things like social distancing and quarantines in most cases.

So, let's take a look at what the CDC recommends for those who may have been exposed to COVID.

For starters, the CDC says that there is no need to quarantine if you've been exposed to the COVID virus unless you have symptoms. They still do recommend that you wear a mask if exposed and get tested for COVID five days after being exposed.

Now, if you do show symptoms, the CDC still does recommend that you isolate yourself from others for five days and that avoid contact with those who are at high risk for ten days.

As for kids, who are now returning to school, the CDC says that they no longer have to quarantine if they are simply exposed to the virus.

Routine testing at schools is no longer recommended unless there is a reported outbreak on the campus.

When it comes to social distancing, the CDC says that is no longer recommended if you're in a good ventilated area.

Still, the CDC does recommend that people get vaccinated for COVID.


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