David Begnaud of CBS News recently walked through the ER at Lourdes Hospital in Lafayette and this story really shows what is going on in hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One local family is holding onto hope that one of their own, who is now a new mother, can pull through as she battled COVID.

The 24-year-old mother is on a ventilator at Lourdes after she and her entire family contracted COVID while on vacation. The entire family was unvaccinated at the time of their vacation, and she is now fighting for her life.

An ER doctor told Begnaud that he has never seen anything like this before. Never has the ER at his hospital been filled with people with one type of illness. Well, now it is.

Twitter via CBS
Twitter via CBS

The journey in this story from Lafayette shifted to the nurses working at Lourdes, and many are now being falsely accused of making up the virus.

A veteran nurse at Lourdes said that people, with no medical experience, are now telling them how to treat patients when they are admitted to the hospital. One person who offered up her medical advice is a manager at a mattress store.

The statement being relayed by MANY in the medical field now is this---Get Vaccinated.

Here's a local nurse from Lourdes discussing her experiences while working through the COVID pandemic in Lafayette.

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