Emotions are running high across the country after the Supreme Court came to its decision in the Roe V. Wade case.

While many may be upset over the decision reached by the highest court in the land, damaging or defacing property is going too far.

WVUE reports that a Catholic statue at the Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church in Algiers Point was defaced with red paint.

According to the Daily Knight Facebook post, "The Church's shrine, depicting the Modanna and Child, to the unborn children of abortion was defaced and covered with red paint."

Volunteers who saw this photo on social media showed up the next day to clean up the damages, and many were left asking, Why?

Those who are Pro-Abortion in the community of Algiers are believed to be responsible for the damages to the statue at the church.

Even after the ruling by the Supreme Court in Roe V. Wade, Louisiana law still allows pregnancies to be terminated under extreme circumstances (life-threatening emergency to the mother or an ectopic pregnancy.)

Closer to home, there was a peaceful protest in Lafayette after the court's ruling, but there were no reports of damage to property or any disturbances.

The Daily Knight also reports damage to other Catholic statues in Buffalo, NY. Here are photos of the damage from there.

Daily Knight
Daily Knight


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