We can all learn something from this.

Watch as the catcher for one team helps an opponent choke up on the bat while at the plate.

The young boy who is catching sees that the batter does not have the proper hand position on the bat to hit the ball and that's when he gets up and shifts the batter's positioning.

TodayInSports Twitter
TodayInSports Twitter

As it would be, on the next pitch, the batter hits the ball and he is on his way down the baseline.

I wanted to share this with you in hopes that you would share this with others too.

Just recently we had a video here that showed a coach attacking an umpire at a youth baseball game. That was about as ugly as it gets, while this is as good as it gets.

Sportsmanship was displayed here and someone has raised and taught this young man well. Remember, sports are played for fun and it's time some realize this.

This young man who helped his opponent is going places and I am not just talking about on a field or court.

As you may expect, so many folks on social media are applauding the catcher in the above video and here are just a few of the comments I came across.


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