Do ants have a smell? Apparently, they do—for some.

TikTok is a place that is prime for strange and interesting videos. You always learn something new—willingly or not. One viral TikTok video has people scratching their heads and questioning their own sanity.

Here is the latest question spurred by the following TikTok video: Can you smell ants?

As you can see, this woman is utterly perplexed theat there are people who can't smell dead ants. Now, I have never heard of this before watching this video. The thought never crossed my mind, so I had to do some research on this.

Turns out, it's an actual thing.

According to this website, smelling ants is a genetic "quirk." Similar to cilantro tasting like soap, cleft chins, widows peaks, and blue eyes. Smelling ants was never covered in my science books, though. I would've definitely remembered that.

According to some people, the ants smell like acid. Similar to a lemony, citranella candle like smell. Although some species of ants are rumored to smell like bleu cheese. Weird and bizzare.

I don't know anyone in my life that can smell ants. Every time I see an ant pile now, I'll be tempted to go smell it. Can you smell ants? Is this a real thing? After seeing all the tweets and TikToks, I think it is. Consider yourself extremely rare if you can.

I leave you with this tweet. There's so much in the world we don't know...

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