Ten years ago when Hurricane Rita made landfall Cameron Parish on Lousiana's Gulf Coast was ground zero. The storm made landfall right along the Louisiana and Texas border. That put Cameron Parish on the bad side of the storm.

That's the side where most of the storm surge, heavier rains, and higher wind gusts were reported.  If it weren't for the resiliency of the people of Cameron Parish there might not be nothing but swamp and coastal marshes left.

Ken Savoie spoke to the Louisiana Radio Network about the recovery of Cameron Parish ten years after Rita. Ken is an agent with the LSU AgCenter in Cameron Parish and he told reporters the recovery is still moving slowly.

We've got a lot of industrial development and some projects on the horizon.  Some large LNG projects, mainly, which are going to help our economy and tax base.

That LNG project will provide construction jobs and permanent jobs in the parish. But what about the seafood industry? Rita basically decimated the docks and destroyed the ice house that many fishermen used to protect their catch.Savoie hopes a new seafood processing facility will help make the seafood industry even stronger.

Slated for opening sometime in November and it's going to be a seafood landing and processing facility.

Perhaps the biggest issue Cameron Parish is facing ten years after Rita is population.

For the most part, the population has decreased by about a third and we're still holding at that number.

It is hoped that new and better job opportunities will continue to draw more and  more residence to the parish to build homes and businesses.

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