After the Saints third victory of the season over the Panthers, defensive end Cameron Jordan showed off a bottle of Jordan wine (no relation) and promised to send it to Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

Jordan had a bottle of wine, a 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon from Jordan Vineyard & Winery, in his locker. After the game, he said that he planned to send some to Newton. And he wasn't kidding!

Via his Instagram story, Jordan showed that he was making good on his little dig at Newton with a bottle of the wine, and a shipping label with Newton's name on it, being shipped to Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. The caption on the picture was, "Who would I be if I didn't follow through on my word?"

In Sunday's 31-26 win, Jordan had three tackles, one for a loss, one sack and two passes defensed. And let's not forget he was the one that caused Newton to throw that intentional grounding penalty on the final drive.

That's dirty, Cameron! Funny...but dirty!

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