He must not be a fan of LSU.

A man wearing a Ragin Cajuns shirt was seen removing an LSU decal in a Mississippi bar and then throwing it to the ground.

UL-Lafayette was in Hattiesburg, Ms. Thursaday night to take on Southern Mississippi, thus was assume this Cajuns fan was in a bar there prior to or after the game when this happened.

The man in the video below is seen climbing up to the LSU decal, which is the eye of the Tiger, removing it from the wall in the bar and tossing it to the ground.

Ragin Review
Ragin Review

As expected, this has drawn mixed reviews from both fan bases in Louisiana.

While it's hard to call the Tigers and Cajuns a rivalry on the field, being that they haven't played each other much, there most certainly is a rivalry amongst fans off the field.

Here's the moment the Cajuns fan removes the decal, which is located above a Brett Farve jersey in the establishment.


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